Шукаємо учасників для молодіжного обміну


Шукаємо 2-х хлопців для участі в молодіжному обміні "VoluntariAct" в Румунії.

Перевага надаватиметься мешканцям Дніпропетровсьї області, віком від 18 до 25 років, що мають закордонний паспорт.

Програма покриває витрати на проживання, харчування та проведення обміну, візовий збір та 70% дорожних витрат. Учасник самостійно покриває витрати пов'язані зі страхуванням, банківськими витратами та 30% дорожних витрат.

Для участі в обміні будь ласка надішліть коротке есе (1 сторінка) на тему "Чому я хочу взяти участь у проекті?" на адресу Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. до 15 вересня 2012 року.

Більше про проект далі (англ.):

VoluntariAct is a multilateral international youth exchange financed through the Program Youth in Action – action 3.1.a

Countries involved:Romania,Estonia,RepublicofMoldovaand Ukraine Participants: 28 youngsters with age between 18 – 25 years old, from one of the 4 countries partner, experience in volunteer work, from a rural area, at least a medium level of English, motivated to participate in all the planned activities


Period: 24.11.2012 – 02.12.2012

Host organization: A Smile Association Bacau is a non-profit organization and training provider establish in 2009, with international coverage, with the mission to support and promote sustainable development through the necessary educational and continuous vocational training, youth education, cultural, social and economic development.


Description of the project: The main idea of the project is to initiate discussions about volunteer work among the youngsters from rural communities, according to the European agenda in the field. The main objective of VoluntariAct is to raise awareness of the importance of volunteer work and active participation of the youngsters in rural communities for their personal development, as well for the sustainable growth of the rural communities of origin.

Through this project we plan to achieve the following objectives:

- Sharing of ideas and experiences on volunteer work of youngsters from different European countries

- Understanding the role of volunteer work for the professional and personal development

- Increasing the abilities to communicate, of critical thinking, planning and preparing for an active participation in the rural communities of origin

- Promoting tolerance and accepting of diversity

- Exchange of good practices and finding new ways to recruit volunteers by addressing the youngsters from rural areas

- Networking among the organizations from rural areas of the European Union and Eastern Europe andCaucasus, partners in this project

Non-formal education techniques will be used to introduce the participants into the main theme of the project – volunteering and active participation. The 28 participants will develop this subject by introducing them into the methodology of debates. Other methods used will be simulations, role play, discussion and teamwork, organization, problem solving and leadership skills awareness. Each group will have the important task of facilitating and coordinating the various activities of the program, for which they will need to prepare in advance.

The daily plan is structured so it contributes through each element to the social and personal development of the young participants. So they will discover new cultures, new people and new places. The workshop addressing the intercultural communication, the nights with intercultural themes, but also the living and working in a multicultural environment will enrich their knowledge about other culture, will help them learn that people understand and do things differently, will be more empathic and accept diversity. Through this interaction during 9 days, the 28 young participants will develop their intercultural competences, learn to react positive to differences, overcome stereotypes and judgments and become more tolerant. They will develop new friendships and by sharing of experiences will help them understand better their own reality, being a great opportunity to increase their self-esteem and to develop as a person by understanding himself/herself better and the society he/she lives in.

Dissemination after the exchange

The main result of VoluntariAct will be the volunteer recruitment campaigns plans that the participants will do during the exchange. The dissemination of the project will be made by the young participants, with the support of the sending organizations, by making a volunteer recruitment campaign using the abilities and information gained during the exchange through the non-formal education techniques used, sharing of good practices and know-know among the participants, etc.