Тренінг Mindful Youth Work в Туреччині, 12-19 березня

Шукаємо українських молодіжних працівників для тренінгу Mindful Youth Work в Туреччині 12-19 березня 2014.

Мета проекту: надати знання про інструменти оцінки молодіжних проектів (он-лайн та офф-лайн), підвищити важливість молодіжної роботи та Молодіжного Паспорту, покращити професійні якості молодіжних працівників.

Аплікаційна форма http://goo.gl/forms/NElHuqykQv приймається до 5 лютого (включно).

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Mindful Youth Work is being organized by Prisms together with Toros University in Mersin, Turkey. It will be hosting 27 participants coming from Malta, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Italy, Ukraine and Greece. This training course is aimed to increase the evaluative and reflective capabilities of youth work with particular reference to the youthpass methodolgy. This training course will base its programme on Deming’s (Plan, Do, Check and Act) Reflective model. The participants will learn how to reflect on past experiences and derive learning aspects to improve their quality of service they give to young people. The project will also focus on learning to learn. Being youth workers / leaders sometimes we stopped to reflect on our own learning because we are all the time focused on the learning of others. This training course will give time and space for the participants to really get in touch with whom they are as youth workers and also map where is it they need to go in their profession.

Profile of Participants

This training course is targeted for youth workers and youth leaders (18+) who would like to improve the quality of service they offer to the young people they work with.

Aims and Objectives

Through past experience and after a number of projects and trainings implemented, Prisms noticed that the importance of evaluation and self-reflection in the youth work as a profession was not being given the necessary importance. The pressure to start and finish projects in time was absorbing most of the energy of youth workers, leaving not enough time and space to really stop to reflect on the essence of the quality being offered to the young people they work with. Prisms would like to increase the awareness of the importance of the evaluation processes for youth workers themselves and also for the young people they work with. The process of Youth Pass will be expanded and isolated in terms of self-directed learning and also self-assessment which the youth workers and young people have to go through for the learning process of all involved in the project. By focusing on the two different aspects of the Youth Pass process the participants will have the time to reflect and understand both concepts and think of ways how to implement them in their activities. Prisms will also show that by implementing proper evaluation and assessments process the project will benefit from more recognition of non-formal methods of education and also increase in the quality of the activities implemented. With the advancement in technology and use of online tools, NGOs are better equipped to measure knowledge, which includes gathering evaluation, having real time interaction of results and dissemination processes.

The objectives of Mindful Youth Work are thus to;

* Increase the awareness of Youth Pass as a tool

* Increase the awareness of Youth Pass as a process

* Increase understanding of the importance of self-evaluation and self-directed learning

* Give tools (online and offline) to youth workers to include on-going evaluation in their projects with young people

* Understand better what quality there is in youth work projects

* Recognize the importance of non-formal education and Youth Work


The training course will be held at the Hotel Royal Sebaste; www.royalsebastehotel.com.

From the Adana Şakirpaşa Airport you will have to catch the bus (situated in front of the Airport) to the Forum Shopping Mall. From the Mall then you need to change the bus to Silifke (you will see Silifke written on the bus). When you are on the bus direction to Silifke ask the driver to stop you at Royal Sebaste Hotel.


Weather in Mersin during the month of March is a mild one. So it is important to get some warm clothes and Rain jackets.


This training course is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme. Therefore, accommodation and VISA costs (if needed) are 100% covered. With regards to travel costs 275 euro per partcipant. All other travelling expenses that fall above the permitted amount will be entirely transferred over the participant. Travelling costs include buses, Trains, Flights and any transport you might take to arrive from home in your country to the hotel in Turkey. Please note that only the cheapest option will be reimbursed.

There is a participation fee of 30 EUR.