Стипендія для науковців в галузі Фізіології в Швеції

PhD Position in Physiology, Uppsala University, Sweden

Deadline: 1 February 2012

Job Description
This project will focus on the molecular details of hematopoiesis in crayfish. During recent years we have focused on this type of studies and published several studies on different factors and their involvement in hematopoiesis.

The successful candidate will settle the exact profiles of her/his PhD project together with the supervisor, Professor Kenneth S?derh?ll and the Head of the Department of Organismal Biology Irene S?derh?ll, respectively.

The candidate will receive her/his postgraduate training within the postgraduate school at the Evolutionary Biology Centre (see this link). The postgraduate training comprises four years of full time studies. The successful candidate will receive a postgraduate fellowship the first year (15500 SEK/month) and a postgraduate position year 2-4 (22400-25100 SEK/month). The position can be combined with up to 15% of teaching assistantship, which will then prolong the position accordingly.
The successful candidate should have a keen interest in innate immunity, and ideally experience from previous work on molecular immunology and molecular cell biology. Successful candidates for these positions should have a masters or honors thesis in a molecular biology oriented subject. Proficiency in English is a requirement.
How to apply?
The application should include a letter of intent describing yourself, your undergraduate training, research interests and your research experience if any, and why the position is of interest. It should further include Curriculum vitae, an authorized copy of the undergraduate degree, and the names and contact information (address, email address, and phone number) of two reference persons. Relevant publications (including BSc/MSc thesis) should be enclosed. You are welcome to submit your application no later than February 1st, 2012, UFV-PA 2011/3001. In order to apply online, please click here.

Application details: http://www2.personalavd.uu.se/ledigaplatser/3001PhD.html