Тренінг з покращення медійних навичок в Румунії

Training “Media Sapiens III – Creative Promotional Tools in Youth Work”, Romania
Deadline: 25 January 2012
Media Sapiens III is a 6-day training course designed for young people organised by ASTRU Cluj and Life Zone Estonia in collaboration with EESTEC LC Sarajevo and Young Journalist Centre Moldova (CTJM).

The training will take place on 11-18 March 2012 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
The aim of the training course is to raise youth workers’ awareness on using creative promotional tools as form of effective communication with different target groups and stakeholders.
The main objective of this training course is to provide learning opportunity in an intercultural setting for young people interested in being competitive in creation of promotional tools in youth work and follow-up activities.
Through usage of different methods of work (workshops, individual coaching, role plays, panel discussions, creative presentations etc.) the project will intend to reach the following objectives:
equip the participants with advanced knowledge and applicable skills how effectively use
promotional creative tools and media as important tools in youth work and project follow-up activities
promote promotional actions as essential stage of any project that intends to have greater impact within the community
promote European awareness and strengthen the feeling of belonging to Europe at the participants and the young people from the communities targeted with this project
encourage young people to reflect on topics of their concern and get involved in the society as active and aware citizens
The target group are the youth workers and project managers who are involved and interested in effectively using creative media as tools for valorisation and exploitation of results of implemented projects and follow-up actions.
Therefore, the main profile of the participant is students actively involved in their organisation at local and national level because the activity is designed for members of the movements. This means that participants in the meeting should be actively involved in projects at national/local level or to be members of the national/local board of the movement. Recruitment will be made through democratic selection process with applications selected by the Training Team.
Moreover, participants must:
be young people (students), active members of their organisations;
be 15-30 years old; be able to work in English;
be motivated to participate actively in the meeting;
have the willingness to transmit their experience and the outcomes of the training to their organisation and be able to participate for the whole duration of the activity.
The accommodation and meals during the event will be fully covered by the organisers.
The travel expenses of the participants will be 70% reimbursed, according to the following criteria:
Participants must necessarily attend more than 80% of the activity;
Originals or copies of ALL travel tickets indicating the price, as well as (when available) a copy of its invoice/receipt, must be provided;
The following travel costs of the participant from his/her permanent residence to the activity venue are considered: Plane tickets for distance above 750Km; Train tickets (2nd class) – for distance less than 750 Km. Participants should make use of the low-costs airlines flying to Cluj Airport.
Local public transport (tram, bus, metro, train…) – (!!!NOT Taxi!!!)
Note: When travelling by any mean, participants must get two-way tickets and make use of all kind of reductions (student)

Apply: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=en_GB&formkey=dHJvWE42RTN6a0hQZ1dqNkRGUms5ZVE6MQ#gid=0
Details: http://cluj.astru.ro/call-for-participants-media-sapiens-iii-creative-promotional-tools-in-youth-work/